"I have been fortunate to employ Mr. Brae as an adjunct instructor in our Music Management Program at Pacific over the past three years. His course, (How to Run an Independent Record Label, leads students through a cradle-to-grave experience managing their own start-up label. Students have consistently evaluated the course as one of the most demanding, while also being one of the most rewarding experiences of their undergraduate experience. Mr. Brae brings a wealth of industry experience to the classroom and constantly encourages students to exceed their own expectations."


Dr. Keith Hatschek - Director,

Music Management Program,

University of the Pacific, 

Jan 9, 2008

“Getting one's music heard is the hardest part of being a musician. "Music Distribution: Selling Music in the New Entertainment Marketplace" discusses the modern music industry and the distribution processes that one can best try to understand in the modern context and learning the marketing campaign behind them. For those who want to best the ins and outs of music distribution, "Music Distribution" is well worth considering, highly recommended.”


B. Cox - Managing Editor

The Midwest Book Review

April 2013

"As you may know, UCLA Extensions Entertainment Studies Program is one of the most highly regarded continuing education programs of its kind, primarily due to the fact that our instructors are respected working professionals in the Entertainment Industry. C. Michael is wonderful and insightful! He is very competent and knowledgeable in the area he teaches (Music Marketing: Retail, Sales and Digital Distribution)."


Pascale Halm Program Director, Entertainment Studies and Performing Arts, UCLA Extension

March 10, 2008